logo comenius EPE def. - pequeñoThe title of our project is “A European Passport to employability”. Within the project we want to explore the cultural, social, economic and historical realities of the participant countries in order to support our students looking for a job in Europe.
Our schools are located in areas with a high unemployment rate and a high rate of immigration or emigration from other countries or other regions of the same country. Within this project we want our students to explore every country’s culture, history and industry to make them understand the employment opportunities and chances that their own countries and others offer. We want to open their minds to the European dimension of employment.
In order to achieve these objectives our students will first explore the cultural identity of each country, emphasizing the industrial development and the recent migration history. After that, we will work on the topic of employability, interviewing professionals that could explain the educational requirements and best ways to look for a job in each region.

Finally, students will elaborate acomparative schedule of the educational requirements for specific professions in each country, among other products.

By exchanging ideas and visiting other countries we will give a concrete international dimension to our project. To do this, we will use ICT, not only during the visits, but also during the development of the project in everyone’s country.
We will involve teachers, students and parents. Especially important for the topic of employability is also the involvement of professionals, companies, universities and job centres. In collaboration with local authorities we want to disseminate our results and offer them to other schools and regions.


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